Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finley Elizabeth

Our sweet Finley was 4 weeks old on Sunday. Ive sat down at least three times to write and ive just wanted to say so much that I got over whelmed and never finished. To make things short and sweet, having Finley is a dream come true. We love being parents. I have nothing,not one single thing negative to say or complain about. Of course she cries, yes we wake up every 2-3 hours, but she was so desired and so wanted that we welcome it all with nothing but smiles and so far not even a hint of frustration. Weve been blessed with what appears to be an easy and none complicated baby.

If you don't already know how stunning she is,my dearest friend and photographer made the 6 hour drive just 4 days after we brought her home. You can view those images on her website and personal blog here. www.tirzahphotography/

Often it is all overwhelming.Not her nor motherhood,but God.

 He has in the past weeks truly overwhelmed my heart with love. Ive never held a promise of God before. Ive seen him be so faithful and good. Answer prayers,provide in wild ways and do miracles, but never had those things layed their sweet head on my chest or had a heart beat. Ive never experienced a promise and desire fulfilled in such an intimate way.So many years I have spoken and declared truth,and had moments were it was just rehearsed, and here she lays,in my arms. She is my very own fruit of the truth of Gods word. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes,it is a tree of life." Proverbs 13:12

 One interesting thing that happen was the second night she was home with us I had this wild dream. I drempt I had a lion up against a wall and he was roaring and striking his giant paw towards me and I would just kick him relentlessly. All night long with no fear I kicked this lion until I woke up.Such a strange dream. I dream a lot but never before about a lion. Then I remembered in 1Peter 5:8 it says "Be sober,be diligent,because your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour." when I reread this I cried like a baby. What a representation of our victory. It says he is LIKE a lion,he imitates,but never forget he is anything but who he claims to be. He will roar at you most in the area I believe you are destined to walk in. So ask yourself, in what area has he come to threaten you?

Tuesday Ferrill and I took Finley to an outdoor shopping area to stroll.It was our first. Only one other time have I experienced a feeling similar to that stroll.It was when Ferrill and I first got married and months later we were taking a flight to Oklahoma.I blushed when I got my first flight ticket that said Sharon Gallaway row 15C and no longer Sharon Richardson.When the person sitting beside me saw my ring and asked if I was getting married, I said I was already a newly wed and introduced my "husband" Ferrill. Strolling was that same magical feeling of pride. Like putting on your favorite coat when the seasons have changed.I doubt ive ever felt so beautiful as I did with her.

So I'll end this post with this last story.Tonight Finley insisted on only being held and I didn't mind.We sat and rocked as we stared at each other and I felt this overwelming urge to sing. (I dont sing) but something sprung up from a very deep and at this time forgotten place in my heart. It was a song that Id heard years ago and fell in love with. During the ends and outs of this adoption I would play it over and over again.Sometimes praying,sometimes grieving. Many times I would just sit in the car and cry,and wonder,and hope. I pulled it up on my phone to play Finley calling it "our song" and im not even kidding when I say she must have grinned 10 times while it played. The Lord purged the old pains of my heart and I wept as he healed me even further.Sometimes I just say "shes here!" The one that the Lord had my heart carry for 14 months but was quick to labor is actually here,and I let that refreshing relief wash over me. So hear is something very private for you to enjoy. May you realize that the Lord is with you wherever you are.

Ferrill, Sharon, & Finley